As a Stylist I have so many things that I love within each current fashion  season. Personally I can shop anywhere from Goodwill to Nordstrom to create style looks.  Take a look at some of my current style faves.

alatrice style nashville stylist  2.jpg

My Favorite Style Icons?  

Michelle Obama, Carolina Herrera, June Ambrose & Iris Apfel, Tracee Ellis Ross.

Favorite Wardrobe Staples?

Denim Jacket, Wide leg black & khaki slacks, Pussy bow-tie blouses, Wedge Heels

Favorite Current Fashion Trends?

Khaki trench coats, Satin Robes worn as kimonos, Full Skirts, Stripes & Florals.

Favorite Shoe Designer?

Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan & Adidas 

Favorite Stores to Save?

Hands down TJ Maxx & Marshalls, Marti & Liz Shoe Store, Asos, H&M, Goodwill, UAL, Zara 

Favorite Style Splurge?

Louis Vuitton 

Favorite Moments As A Stylist?

I absolutely love the moment when a Client tries on a new style look & looks in the mirror and either smiles, cries, hugs or high fives me, or a combination of them all!

I also love editorial photoshoots when the creative team flows seamlessly. Magic is created during those moments!